Sunshine – The Unemployment Version


Sunshine – The Unemployment Version

It ain’t no way to explain or say how painful the rejection was today

In front of the computer with a liberal arts degree, bending over backwards — that’s head behind knees

I went to Starbucks for coffee, afraid that if I drink it I’ll have to find out what it cost me

Couple of emails. Relax and chill, I’m at a stand still with HR and bills

I think I need to smell fresh air, so I lept out my bedroom and hid from the stares

The sunlight hit me dead in the eye like it’s mad that I spent half my day on that site

That bad site made me trip on the ads, selling things I can’t afford like that’s life!

All of the sudden, I realized something; my car needs gas, even the tires are bumpin’

Stood up and took a look and a breath. There’s that bike that I forgot that I possessed!

Never really seen “Go to Hells” this friendly, but I think something’s telling me not to reply this pissy

Your spirits’ broke, that’s all right. The loans started coming and the money got tight

Walked on and felt the summertime, it reminds me of one of them young Sean rhymes like…

x2) Sunshine, Sunshine is fine. I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind. Sometimes you gotta give in to this: I love the days when it shines. Whoa let it shine

And if I could I would keep this feeling in a plastic jar, bust it out when hiring managers are acting hard

Like settle down, you got kids and a backyard. A bonus for Christmas, I bet you needed help too, to get this far

Every screen call that gets the pass is a success, and everything is uncertain: a little suspect

The interviews’ an excuse to wear shoes, wear suits, show improving moods and jump hoops

I hear voices and handshakes to match em, you gotta struggle and succeed in that fashion

Even though the meeting cooks up the action, the checks still say “rent due” and landlords to cash ‘em

Riding my bike without brakes, man, feeling like everyone has it better on Instagram

Take it all in, the momentum is all gone, but you must believe in you…the gatekeepers are all wrong

There ain’t nothing like the sound of the leaves when the breeze penetrates this Southside trees

Posted up at Dunn Bro’s catching a vibe, forgetting all about the stress thanking god I’m alive like…

It’s so simple. Frustrated, but on the phone civil

And when I get home I’m gonna closeout all my windows

Feelin’ alright, stopped at a stop sign

A car pulled up bumpin’ Fresh Prince’s Summertime.

x2) Summer, Summer’s fine. I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind. Sometimes you gotta give in to when: I love the days when it shines. Whoa let it shine.

** All credit for the original song and lyrics go to Slug and Ant of Atmosphere, the inspiration for a whole lot of smartassery amidst some not-so-laughable times.**


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